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STEM for Social Impact


See how science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) can help create positive social change in your community

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We see scientific and technological innovation as a means to alleviate poverty, address environmental concerns, and improve well-being for all. By understanding the needs and experiences of the people we wish to serve, we highlight the potential of STEM as a tool for positive change.

Participants come away with a greater awareness about how STEM fits within an interdisciplinary process that includes the arts and social sciences

We focus on people

Participants use a hands-on, human-centred design process to bring about meaningful impact for people in our communities.

We value diversity

We believe that an inclusive STEM community with diverse perspectives will drive innovation leading to better outcomes and lasting change.

Find out more about our three core program elements

We believe in collaboration 

By partnering with local community organizations, we offer junior high and high school students an opportunity to work directly with the people who benefit from change. 

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