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Anyone Up4 volunteering?

We are thrilled to have four volunteers working with us and wanted to introduce you to them!

Hello! My name is Megan Provost and I am currently in my second year of the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Ottawa. I am studying to teach Chemistry and Biology at the intermediate/senior level. I am originally from Mississauga, Ontario but moved to Ottawa last year to pursue my studies. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring my new neighbourhood with my dog Olie and look forward to another winter of skating on the canal. I am so excited to be working with the Up4 The Challenge team as an Education Assistant this year as part of my community learning experience. As a future science teacher, I truly believe in the power of science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) as a tool to help create positive social change in the community. As an educator, I hope to inspire my students to think critically about the world around them and encourage them to be responsible citizens in their community.

Hi! My name is Seth Hogeterp, and I’m a first year teacher candidate at the University of Ottawa, studying to teach Chemistry and Physics at the intermediate/senior level. I have a deep love of science and discovery, especially focussing on ways that science can help make life better for all people! I also have a deep appreciation for rocks, and have a substantial rock collection. I am also an avid musician, and love to consider how arts and science collide, and how the use of creativity can help shape solution driven thinking!

Hi, my name is Madeleine Graham! I am a first year teacher candidate at the University of Ottawa and I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for biology and chemistry with all my students. I love that Up4 The Challenge focuses it’s programming on bringing diverse communities of people together around a common goal of desiring to see positive change happen in our world. As an educator, my hope is to empower students to reach for that same goal of using STEM to improve the quality of life of others and to make our lifestyles more sustainable.

Hi! My name is Lauren Seto, and I’m a recent BA graduate student from Ryerson University, with a minor in Culture Studies. I have a strong interest in the social sciences and humanities; I’m excited to show students how they can use STEM to create positive social changes in their communities.

At Up4 The Challenge, I am responsible for creating digital media content, communications, and event support. Right now, I am in the midst of creating exciting new content for the company website, including videos to share more about what we do.

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